Download Engross: Focus Timer with To Do List & Day Planner 6.0.7 APK

Download Engross: Focus Timer with To Do List & Day Planner 6.0.7 APK

Description of Engross: Focus Timer with To Do List & Day Planner

All the essentials you need for a productivity day are in it! It is a therapy for low focus and bad time management.

Engross helps you stay focused at work/studies and improve efficiency
Engross uses a unique ‘Hit me when you are distracted’ method which ensures that you remain focused at the task you are on. It is simple to use and gives you results right away, it triggers you to get your focus back at work.
It records the number of times you get distracted during work or study and that becomes a measure of your focus. Your challenge in the next sessions will be to reduce the count and improve your focus.

A Pomodoro inspired Timer
Inspired from the Pomodoro technique, Engross provides a very practical and easy to set timer. It also shows you the end time while setting the timer so you get the proper idea of when your work will be over or by when you want to finish it. A session length can be set to upto 3 hours, long enough to accommodate all kinds of tasks, including a mock exam/test.
The timer comes with two extra settings – Recap and Revise. Both of these enable you to set a time for revising the work before or after a session, helps to get a better hold on work and better time management. A very useful feature, especially for students.

A Todo list that can manage long-period tasks
It is a simple to use todo list to help you manage all the tasks right here with the timer. A highlight of this todo list is that you can create progressive tasks/todo with it. Say, you want to complete 200 pages of a book, set the target of 200 pages and it will create a progress bar for you where you can track your progress as you move towards completing the target.

Day planner to plan your schedule
You can plan your complete day or week here. Create slots for all different jobs you do throughout the day and stay notified. You can also attach timer with a scheduled slot, say, you want to work for one hour on something with two sessions of 25 minutes each and a 10 minute break in between. To do this, set the required timer settings when adding a schedule, click on the schedule alarm notification and you will be all set to start your sessions.

Label sessions and tasks
Label your timer sessions and todos and keep track of all the time spent on different kinds of work. Also, for students, labels can work as subjects/topics.

Set target and keep going
You can set a target for number of hours you have to work/study and Engross will keep track of it as you complete your timer sessions.

Statistics and Analysis that help you grow (Premium feature)
It gives you Daily, Weekly and Monthly Statistics of your work time and todo with multiple graphs, also helps you track time spent on different labels.
Focus analysis uses your distractions pattern and provides analysis of your focus with the help of graphs.

More features –
•  Auto turning off of WiFi during work sessions.
•  Add a goal to a timer to keep yourself focused at it.
•  Additional Black theme to save on battery.
•  Session almost over warning.
•  Add custom quotes to show during a session to keep yourself motivated.
•  Advance reminder for tasks to get notified some time before a todo’s time.
•  Pause a work session. (Premium feature)
•  Fast forward to next session/break. (Premium feature)

With Engross, your days will be focused, organised and productive.

Version 6.0.7
– Bug fixes and improvements.
Version 6.0.0
– New User-Interface with a new set of features.
– Upgraded interface to make it more user-friendly and smoother.
– Introducing more features which will help users improve their productivity and task management.

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