Free Download حلويات أم وليد 2019 بدون أنترنيت 2.1.3 APK

Free Download حلويات أم وليد 2019 بدون أنترنيت 2.1.3 APK

Description of حلويات أم وليد 2019 بدون أنترنيت

This application contains the most popular sweets from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Mashreq countries, and more than 300 recipes from the most famous Arab cuisine, from easy sweets, fast and easy recipes, delicious and delicious, as well as the way to prepare new and economical sweets, will impress all tastes , And in a simple and easy to prepare and is constantly renewed, a recipe for new sweets for “Oum Walid”, is updated in the application and can be used without the Internet.

“Oum Walid sweets without Internet A light application on your mobile and compatible, and fast download, you can work it even when you are not connected to the Internet, carry this free application now and enjoy your family and recipes delicious and delicious in the application, and be familiar with each recipe You can also use the search rectangle below the home page to help you find any recipe you want accurately.

Please rate the application with 5 stars (*****) so you encourage us to provide better apps for you, and leave us your comments here.

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